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Acai Creations privately owned 3,000 acres of land in the Amazon is where you can find our Acai farms.
Since the berries have short lifespan, Acai Creations ascertain that the entire process of harvesting, freezing the berries and turning them to powder takes place in less than 10 hours.

By doing that, we are able to preserve 90% of the nutrients in our Acai berry.
Acai Creations is the only supplier of Acai in the entire world that is capable of guaranteeing such high quality.

Our fruits’ powder and compound products still maintain 90% of the nutriment found in Acai right after harvesting.
In our farms, our processing plants are located right next to the Acai palm trees. For that reason, the Acai doesn’t have to travel a long distance before being treated in our plants.

All harvesting of our Acai occurs by hand from the local indigenous communities in the region. They have an excellent understanding of the forest’s biodiversity and are conscious of over-farming. Due to the abundance of the fruit, it is fairly easily farmed in a sustainable manner which ensures minimal impact on the forest ecosystem.

Once the fruit is harvested by the local people it is transferred to our local processing facilities close by where it is then turned in to Acai based products. Our entire process of harvesting to processing is done with full awareness to the critical short lifespan of the berries.
For other farmers seeking mass production of Acai, the story is totally different. In their case, due to its very short lifespan after harvesting (12 hours), Acai Berries must be quickly put into baskets, loaded onto Amazon river boats, and shipped to the local markets and processing plants as quickly as possible. This process might even take up to six days in some cases.

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