Our promise

“To deliver the best quality Acai on the planet, and to make it accessible to anyone, all while preserving the Amazonian Rainforest and rural communities” .
Acai is a super fruit, a medicine. We believe it is every person’s right to have access to this healing fruit.

We are the only ones with authenticity in the market. We don’t list you the benefits of Acai without laboratory proofs that our products still contain them.
Our products don’t have an acidic taste and don’t have any sugar added to them. They are imported directly from the heart of Amazon, treated at an unbeatable speed, and delivered to stores worldwide. We help the livelihood of the Amazonian rural communities. We harvest our fruits without damaging them, and consequently we help to preserve the Rainforest and create consciousness to natives in the region.

All of Acai Creations products have been selected according to environmental, economical and social criteria of sustainability. We are committed to supplying the world with only the best natural, ecological and fair-trade product.

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