Our mission is to provide sustenance and help the livelihood of the Amazonian rural communities. We harvest our fruits without damaging them, and consequently we help to preserve the Rainforest and create consciousness to natives in the region. All of Acai Creations products have been selected according to environmental, economical and social criteria of sustainability. We are committed to supplying the world with only the best natural, ecological and fair-trade products.

We are committed to supplying the world with only the best natural, ecological and fair-trade products.

Açaí Creations

Acai Creations was founded in 2000, with the end goal of producing and exporting 100% purest pure fruit pulp to the world. Research on the Açai fruit, known by the world as “The Milk of the Amazon”, two years before creating the company. We discovered that açai was considered to be the most nutritious of the Rainforest fruits with the highest concentration of antioxidants ever found in nature, and also packed with Omega 3 and 6, anthocyanins, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin E. We also noted that açai was popular in the sports world among athletes and wanted to Introduce to the United States a product that gave natural energy. We were the first company to introduce Açai in the US Market, and nowadays we are number one supplier of raw material to juice manufacturers. We also developed an Açai line of products with the best quality in the market, because it is a careful process since harvesting the fruit until the very last process of packaging.

The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world and is rich in biodiversity. Among its many native treasures is the acai palm. These trees can grow up to twenty-five meters high and possess clumps of leafy branches. As mentioned earlier on, harvest season for acai palm trees occur twice each year. According to local traditions, brave natives used to be tasked for scaling the trees’ great heights. Upon reaching the top, the men would have to cut off the branches so that the village may make use of its berries.

Acai Creations’ 3,000 acres of acai farms are responsible for the mass production of acai berries. Because of the berries short lifespan, no more than 24 hours. Acai Creations ascertain that the entire process takes place in less than 10 hours preserving 90% of the nutrients in the Acai berry.